African Superman Cistanche Tea

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Cistanche deserticola (scientific name: Cistanche deserticola Ma), also known as Cunyun, Cistanche, Chagangaoya (Mongolian), is an endangered species. Tall herbs, 40-160 cm high, mostly underground. The flowering period is from May to June, and the fruiting period is from June to August.
Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu (Changma) and Xinjiang.
Cistanche deserticola is a parasitic plant that lives on the root of the desert tree Haloxylon, absorbing nutrients and water from the Haloxylon host. Known as “Desert Ginseng”, it has extremely high medicinal value and is a traditional Chinese herbal tea.


African Superman Cistanche Tea
Natural Men enhancement
100% Original

Cistanche Tea — Made from natural plants, No harmful effects for Men!

100% Natural Herbal for Men

African Superman Cistanche Tea is an approved product specially formulated for erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, premature ejaculation,

Main Ingredients: Cistanche.

1. improved blood circulation to the penis, which can result in achieving your maximum erection potential.
2. harder and longer erection
3. easier and reliable erection
4. increased sex drive
5. boost in stamina
6. heightened sexual pleasure
7. improved and longer sexual performance
8. improvement of sexual relations
9. boost in self-esteem

African Superman will activate the sexual glands of men to generate sperm, promote the secondary development of genitals, and leave you feeling strong, energetic and full of energy,

Functions: Great for Short and Small Penis, Impotence, Sexual Dysfunction, Weak Sperm and Premature Ejaculation

For the ingredients are all herbal and natural. If the users want to get a good effect, you can try this product.

[Specification] 8 packet

Do not take more than one packet within 24 hours period.
Do not eat spicy food, drink tea or wine when you take the African Superman!
black african superman pills is a natural Herbal tea originated from China! It has very strong effect on curing sexual disorder! We have discount price for you to buy african superman for sale on our website!


African Superman




Male Enhancement



Place Of Production

Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang

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