Chinese Peony Rose Tea

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Chinese Peony Rose Tea: nourishing the blood and removing blood stasis, lowering blood pressure

Ingredients: 1~2 peony flowers, 5g pink rose

How to brew: Put the peony flowers, roses and the right amount of boiling water in a cup and steep for 5 minutes.

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Chinese Peony Rose Tea Effects: Disperses blood stasis, nourishes the blood and liver, relieves pain and lowers blood pressure.

Warm Tips

Suitable for women who are on their period.

Not suitable for pregnant women.

Herbal Tea Talk

Slightly different from other floral teas, peony tea is made from the petals of red peony, white peony and black peony and is suitable for brewing alone or with green tea.

Herbl Tea Story

This tea can also be brewed with iced sugar, honey or brown sugar. This tea is ideal for women during their menstrual period.


Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. Tasty and soothing

    Tasty and soothing

  2. good price and speedy delivery

    good product, good price

  3. Wonderful

    My rose petals are really nice, I put mine in air tight glass containers. I plan on using these in kombucha

  4. Authentic BLEND

    OMG!!!! This tea tho

    If you’re a true tea aficionado please don’t cheat yourself, TREAT YOURSELF-

    The smell alone is sooooo I can’t even describe it
    It’s GOOD

  5. Excellent

    Very fragrant and flavorful. I only use a few buds in my tea and it’s perfect. Tastes and smells just like the tea at my favorite Chinese restaurant.

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