Chinese Poria Honey Tea

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Chinese Poria honey tea: energy supplement,could help with skin care and fitness

Material:poris cocos10-5g,Honey in appropriate quantity

Brewing method: Put Poria cocos and an appropriate amount of boiling water in a cup, simmer for 10 minutes, and then add honey to drink.

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Chinese Poria honey tea effect: invigorating the spleen and stomach, infiltrating dampness and diverting water, calming the heart and tranquilizing the mind.

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Suitable drink for patients with dysuria, physical weakness, insomnia, palpitations, etc.

It is not suitable for people with qi deficiency and depression, cold of insufficiency type and spermatorrhea.

buyrosetea® Herbal Tea Lecture Hall:

According to the different parts of the drug, the traditional Chinese medicine Poria is also divided into white Poria and Red Poria. Among them, the functions of white Poria: it focuses on strengthening the spleen, while the function of red poria is focuses on removing dampness-evil

Herbal Tea Story:

Poria combined with honey can be used to made into a Poria honey mask, which has the functions of whitening, removing freckles and moisturizing the skin.

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Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

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