Globe Amaranth Rose Tea

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Globe amaranth rose tea: beautifying skin

Ingredients: 3 pieces for globe amaranth, 4 pieces for roses, 3 pieces for Jade Butterfly, 2g for liquorice.

Stewing methods: Put all the ingredients above into the cup with boil water, serve after 5 minutes’ stewing with lip covered.

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Globe Amaranth Rose Tea efficacy: Globe amaranth can adjust endocrine disorder, rose and jade butterfly can accelerate melanin metabolism, whiten skin, accelerate licorice which can replenish spleen and qi. This tea can not only remove freckles and whiten, but also has the function of replenishing qi and blood.

Warm Tips:

  1. It is suitable to drink for people color spot patients caused by endocrine disorders, and the poor function of the spleen and stomach.
  2. It is not suitable to drink for constipation and pregnant women.

Lecture hall of herbal tea:

Rose taste slightly bitter, warm sex, with strong liver and stomach, live by blood, intestinal moisten laxative, relieve depression and calm the effect. It can relieve mood, balance endocrine, replenish qi and blood, regulate liver and stomach, and also eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness and moisturize skin.


Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. Love it

    Smell and taste are awesome

  2. Loved it

    Great to use as a tea or decoration

  3. Great addition

    Used in wrapping sage bundles

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