Jasmine Linden Rose Tea

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Jasmine Linden Rose Tea: helps digestion and improves sleep
Ingredients: 3 dried jasmine flowers and 3 dried rose flowers each, 2 dried calendula flowers, 2g linden leaves, icing sugar.
How to brew: 1. Put the above ingredients together in a tea cup and brew in boiling water for 3 minutes. 2. Add icing sugar. Mix well and drink.

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Efficacy of the Jasmine Linden Rose Tea: Jasmine has the effect of regulating qi, relieving pain, warming the middle and stomach; Rose has the effect of benefiting qi and replenishing blood; Calendula can refresh and refresh the mind.

Warm Tips
Suitable for people with dizziness and headache, diarrhoea, nervousness and frequent late nights.
Not suitable for pregnant women.

Herbal Tea Talk
Linden leaf and chamomile together: a medium brewed tea that can eliminate fatigue. Helps to improve sleep.


Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. good product

    Very good product the flavor is good luck am happy with the purchase

  2. I’m happy with my purchase!

    Roses looked very fresh and are perfect for when I make bath salts. They smell really good too!!

  3. Excellent

    The scent is very strong and has a very nice color, the petals are small, but that’s no problem for me, depends what you want to use it for!

  4. best teas

    So, I’m now a tea addict. I recently bought this tea and was like meh, it will be boring. It actually was quite the opposite. Not only is it floral like lavender, non-caffeinated, and delicious, but also is great for so much more than drinking. I also used it in a tub soak…(10/10) would recommend. Don’t judge. Caffeine is good for the skin (or at least hair).

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