Kumquat Red Dates Tea

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Kumquat Red Dates Tea: clearing away heat and relieving summer heat
Ingredients: 1 kumquat, 2 red dates, appropriate amount of black tea.
Brewing method: Put red dates, black tea and an appropriate amount of boiling water in a cup, simmer for 5 minutes, add kumquat slices, and drink warm.


Kumquat Red Dates Tea Efficacy: clearing heat and relieving summer heat, digestion and fat reduction, beauty and slimming.
It is suitable for patients with chest tightness and depression, drunkenness, high blood pressure and hepatitis. People with weak Qi, swollen gums and diabetic patients should not drink it.
Herbal Tea Lecture Hall
Kumquat, also known as kumquat, is the fruit of the famous fruiting plant kumquat. It has the functions of regulating Qi and relieving depression, resolving phlegm and quenching thirst, and eliminating food and sobering up.
Herbal Tea Story
Candied kumquats have an appetizing effect.

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