Lightly Salted Green Tea

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Lightly Salted Green Tea: inflammation and dryness removal of the body

Ingredients: 5g of green tea, and 2g of salt

Brewing method: Put green tea, salt and appropriate amount of boiling water in a cup, simmer for 5 minutes, and drink cold.

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Lightly Salted Green Tea effect: diuretic and fatigue, Remove inflammation of body and cooling blood,Lipid-lowering aids digestion.

Kinder reminder

It is suitable for those who are troubled by autumn dryness and feel dizzy and nauseated: drink.

Pregnant women and women who are menstruating should not drink.

Herbal Tea Lecture Hall

Green tea is not suitable for women who are menstruating. This is because the blended acid in tea will combine with iron molecules in food to form precipitates and affect the absorption of iron molecules.

Herbal Tea Story

Green tea has good skin care benefits, but it has a limited shelf life.

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Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. My wife loves this product

    My wife adds some buds to the tea, and she loves the smell of the tea.

  2. So good

    This tea is so good. Will be buying again.

  3. Lovely Tea

    I grew up drinking Chrysanthemum tea at Dim Sum in Chinatown. I loved it, and wanted to get some for Chinese New Year.
    Everyone loved the flavor of this tea, it smelled lovely, so we brewed so many pots we used it all up!
    I used about 3 heaping Tbsps for 4 cups of hot water. Planning to buy more.

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