Organic Blood Rose Tea

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organic Blood Rose Tea: enriches the qi and blood, warms the body

Ingredients: 5 rose, 4g chamomile, 3 marigolds

How to brew: Mix the above ingredients, put them in a cup with the right amount of boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes.

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Effects of the organic Blood Rose Tea: enriches the qi and blood and relieves menstrual anxiety.

Warm Tips
Suitable for those who are irritable and anxious during menstruation and those who do not sleep well.
Women with heavy menstrual flow should not drink too much.

Herbal Tea Talk
According to Chinese medicine, rose is slightly warm in nature, sweet and bitter in taste, and is classified as a member of the liver, stomach and spleen meridians; it has the effect of detoxifying the liver and relieving depression, harmonizing blood and regulating menstruation.

Herbal Tea Story
Rose has a strong, sweet smell and is often used as a major additive in food and cosmetics.


Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. My wife loves this product

    My wife adds some buds to the tea, and she loves the smell of the tea.

  2. Color is brilliant

    I use these for soap making and they have beautiful color.

  3. Very pretty

    My rose petals are really nice, I put mine in air tight glass containers. I plan on using these in kombucha

  4. Like the true thing

    Quality was as good as the best rose tea I have ever bought. This tea does not have a strong aroma on its own, so I mix it with other teas. Works great with mint tea. Also tried cold brew – tastes like flavored water but it was ok. Too bad they are out of stock at the moment.

  5. Will order again

    Great product
    Prefect for tea and desserts

  6. OMG

    I kid you not! This stuff, the smell alone! Not to mention the taste, but the smell is mood and mind altering!
    I want to walk aroun with it in a small paper bag in my purse… rip it out, and smell it like an addict when ever I’m down! No kidding, costly but a little really goes a long way as it is intense and pure and powerful! Just get it! This is kick butt as a gift and a personal stash I will order again and again! And it’s legal!

  7. My fave tea

    Tea drinkers…don’t tell anyone but this is the best tea I’ve ever had! It’s so flavorful. And it’s got all the chamomile soothing properties. I’ve had people who hate tea want cup after cup of this stuff!! People who refuse to touch tea will smell it brewing and tell u how great it smells…then when they try it, they’re hooked. It’s great with a splash of milk (coconut, almond, whatever) or plain…and with a nice tea biscuit it becomes a relaxation ritual.
    I’m afraid when people find out how great it is, they’re gonna buy it til it’s out of stock, so sssshhhh it’s our little secret, k?

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