Organic Jasmine Bodhi Tea

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Organic Jasmine Bodhi Tea: Relieves Fatigue, Improves Sleep
Materials: 3 grams of jasmine (dried flowers), 2 grams of bodhi leaves, and appropriate amount of rock sugar.
Brewing method: Put jasmine flowers and linden leaves in a cup, add boiling water to brew for 3 minutes, add rock sugar, mix well and drink.


Organic Jasmine Bodhi Tea Efficacy: Improve sleep quality and relieve fatigue.
People who are nervous, often stay up late, have dizziness and headaches are suitable for drinking this tea.
Pregnant women should not drink.
Herbal Tea Lecture Hall
The essential oils in jasmine can repair aging skin. In addition, drinking jasmine tea regularly can soothe the mood and relieve the pain caused by dysmenorrhea.
Herbal Tea Story
Linden leaves with chamomile: Eliminate fatigue and improve sleep.

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