Organic Power Zen Mint Rose

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organic Mint Rose Tea: stress relief and refreshment

Ingredients: 4g each of rose, peppermint leaves and chrysanthemum, appropriate amount of honey.

How to brew: Place all ingredients in a cup, add boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes.

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Efficacy of the organic Mint Rose Tea: to dissipate wind and heat, invigorate the mind, invigorate blood circulation and relieve depression.

Warm Tips
Suitable for those who are anxious and easily fatigued.
Not suitable for pregnant women, children and those who are weak and sweaty.

Lecture hall of Herbal Tea
Roses can also be used in food and to refine essential oils, and the value of the oil extracted from it is higher than that of an equivalent weight of gold.

Herbal Tea Story
When using mint as an ingredient in herbal tea, the cup should be covered to avoid evaporation of the oil.


Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. Worth to buy

    It tastes really good.
    Also rose petal tea do benefit your skin and is good for women’s menstual cycle.

  2. Great Buy

    Nice solid and fragrant roses.

  3. Tasty

    Love this! I alternate between my rose and lavender tea at night.

  4. Taste

    I have found very few teas that my husband will drink. He absolutely loves this tea. He is supposed to consume hibiscus to lower his blood pressure and this tea has that as an ingredient. I have over 57 teas in my tea cabinet. This has to be one of the best teas I have ever ordered. The contents are fresh and smell wonderful. We also ordered two other tea blends by buyrosetea are they are all wonderful.

  5. Good one

    It’s good flower tea.

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