Organic Peach Blossom Tea

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organic Peach Blossom Tea: Activating blood and anti-aging

Ingredients: six pieces of peach blossom.

Brewing method: Put peach blossoms in a cup, pour into boil water, cover and simmer for about 3 minutes before drinking.

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organic Peach Blossom Tea effect: peach blossom contains kaempferol, daidzein and various vitamins, which can improve blood circulation, make the body’s qi and blood unobstructed, and promote skin nutrition and oxygen supply, Peach blossoms can also moisten the intestines and laxatives, expel toxins in time, thereby delaying skin aging, making the skin rosy and shiny

Kinder reminder

All women can drink it. However, the long-term drinking of peach blossom will consume Yin and blood and damage the vitality of the human body, so it is not suitable to drink it for a long time.

Herbal Tea Lecture Hall

If there are fresh peach blossoms, you can smash them, take the juice and apply it to the face, massage it gently for a while and then wash it off. This is a relatively simple peach blossom beauty and beauty method:

Herbal Tea Story:

“Every day of the peach blossoms, the beauty of the peach blossoms” – the beauty of peach blossoms is really amazing. “Being as beautiful as a peach blossom” seems to be the goal of every woman, so peach blossom tea, peach blossom wine, peach blossom mask, and peach blossom fragrance powder have appeared one after another.

  1. Love this!

    They are so pretty I don’t want to use them! They smell pretty and make a really great tea!

  2. Flavorful hot or cold

    Very flavorful hot or cold. We make a batch and float a few strawberries and lemon slices to further enhance the flavor.

  3. good

    good for headache

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