Organic Premium Rosehip Tea

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organic Premium Rosehip Tea: tonifies the qi and blood and promotes cholesterol excretion

Ingredients: 3 dried roses, 5 dried Roehip, honey

How to brew: 1. Put the rosehips and roses together in a cup, pour boiling water over them, cover and steep for about 8 minutes. 2. When the tea is warm, mix in the honey and drink.

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Efficacy of the organic Premium Rosehip Tea:

Rosehip is rich in pectic acid and pectin, which can adsorb cholesterol and triglycerides and then excrete them from the body, thus lowering the blood lipids;

rosehips can de-stress the liver and regulate the qi and blood; honey can moisten and laxify the bowels.

With its sweet and sour taste and aromatic smell, this tea is a great way to regulate Qi and reduce fat.

Warm Tips
Suitable for people with high blood lipids, constipation and obesity. Not suitable for people with excessive stomach acidity.

Lecture hall of Herbal tea:
A good quality rosehip is a deep purple-red colour, with similar sized petals and a uniform shape.


Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. Fresh as it looks

    The rose buds are very fresh, and it tastes great and smell great also!

  2. 100% natual

    buen producto, pero el producto es 100% natural,

  3. Distinct orange flavor

    I bought this tea on a whim because the reviews were so good. I am surprised to say that it really IS that a good! It smells like fresh orange zest when brewing and you definitely get a distinct orange flavor in the tea. The habiscus is secondary. I think it is especially good iced, but it is aromatic and flavorful both hot and cold. I actually found myself still thinking about it and craving more days after I brewed my 1st cup. That says a lot about something is relatively simple and basic as tea!

  4. Best Tea Ever

    This tea is delicious. I love the flavor and I can enjoy in the evening as a snack replacement. That’s is how delicious this tea is. Caffeine Free too!
    Buying more immediately.

  5. perfect taste

    I took this every morning on an empty stomach hoping it would help my hormone balance. I’m 5 weeks pregnant.

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