Peppermint Chrysanthemum Tea

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Peppermint and chrysanthemum tea: refreshes the mind, removes fire and improves eyesight
Material: 5 pieces of mint leaves, 3 pieces of dried chrysanthemum.
Brewing method: Put mint leaves and chrysanthemum in a cup, pour in boiling water and soak for about 3 minutes before drinking.


Peppermint Chrysanthemum Tea Efficacy: Peppermint is cool in nature and has a pleasant smell.

It contains menthol, menthone and other volatile oil components, which can stimulate the brain, promote blood circulation, and sweat; chrysanthemum has a fragrant smell, which has the effect of eliminating fire and improving eyesight.

In addition to refreshing the mind, this flower tea can also disperse wind and dissipate heat, and eliminate the dry fire of spring.
It is suitable for people with wind-heat colds, headaches and oral ulcers.
Pregnant women and those who are weak and sweaty should not drink it.
Herbal Tea Lecture Hall
If you suffer from a hot cold in spring, this herbal tea has a significant therapeutic effect.

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