Plum Flower Lemon Grass Rose Tea

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Plum Flower Lemon Grass Rose Tea:antibacterial blend, disperse the liver and rectify qi.

Ingredients: 5 pieces for plum blooms, 5 pieces for rose, 5g for lemon grass, right amount of honey.

Stewing methods:
Put plum flowers, roses and lemon grass into the cup with boil water, stew for about 5 minutes.

Serve after the hot tea becomes warmer, and blending with honey.

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Plum Flower Lemon Grass Rose Tea efficacy: Qi resolve depression, calm the liver

Warm Tips:
It is suitable to drink for people with depressed upset mood, gas pain  of liver and stomach, indigestion,
It is not suitable to drink for constipation and pregnant women.

Lecture hall of Herbal tea:
Plum flower mainly contains volatile oil, isoeugenol, benzoic acid which has the effect of appetizing and scattered depression, producing fluid and eliminating phlegm, moving blood stasis and clearing toxins. Roses have the effect of moving blood stasis and clearing toxins, blood regulating the menstrual function. Lemon grass can invigorate stomach, diuretic, prevent anemia, moisturize skin, spleen and stomach, help digestion.

Herbal tea Story:
Lemon grass and lily have the effect of nourishing the stomach, diuresising, nourishing the skin, nourishing the blood and strengthening the spleen.


Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

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    Absolutely delicious!

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    Amazing scent

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    I can taste the rose flavor, I have used in tea and various cooking with good result. I still get a rose aroma when I reopen the package.

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    Wow, this is some bright and flavorful tea. What zing it’s got. Very refreshing.

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    Good quality

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