Premium Bitan Piaoxuehua Tea

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Premium Bitan Piaoxuehua Tea: Invigorate the spirit and relieve spring sleepiness
Material: Bitan snow 5 grams, a little rock sugar.
Brewing method: Put Bitan snow and 90°C boiling water in the cup, let it stand for 3 minutes, and then add rock sugar.


Premium Bitan Piaoxuehua Tea Efficacy: Relieves cough and moistens lungs, relieves abdominal pain, invigorates spirit, and prevents obesity.
Those who are deeply troubled by spring sleepiness should drink it. Constipation patients, pregnant women should not drink.
Herbal Tea Lecture Hall
Bitan Piaoxue is produced in Mount Emei, Sichuan. The biggest difference between it and other scented teas is that the tea base used is fresh green tea from the Ming Dynasty.
Herbal Tea Story
When storing Bitan snow in the village, it is necessary to put it in a glass jar or metal tin can and seal it, and put it in a ventilated, dry place away from direct sunlight and no peculiar smell.

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