Premium Fennel Rose Tea

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Premium Fennel Rose Tea: Refreshing
Material: 3 fennel, 1 stevia leaf, 2 mint leaves, 3 roses
Brewing method: add boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes before drinking.


Premium Fennel Rose Tea Efficacy: Nourishes yin and promotes body fluid, fresh and refreshing, slimming and beauty.
Patients with chronic gastritis and those who are prone to fatigue should drink it.
People with a red tongue and prone to constipation should not drink it.
Herbal Tea Lecture Hall
Stevia leaves, which are native to the native deep forests of Paraguay and Brazil, are ideal sweeteners and are often used in the adjunctive treatment of diabetes and obesity.
Scented Tea Story
Stevia leaves are suitable for all herbal teas, but pay attention to the amount when using it, so as not to be too sweet.

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