Premium Jasmine Big Pekoe

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Premium Jasmine Big Pekoe: Refreshing and Refreshing, Relieving Spring Drowsiness
Material: 3 grams of Jasmine Big Pekoe, appropriate amount of honey.
Brewing method: Put jasmine daikon in a cup, pour it into boiling water at 90°C, let it stand for 3 minutes, cool it a little and add honey.


Premium Jasmine Big Pekoe Efficacy: Improve mental vitality and relieve fatigue caused by spring sleepiness.
It is suitable for patients with chronic bronchitis and those suffering from spring trouble. Pregnant women should not drink it if they have heat toxicity.
Herbal Tea Lecture Hall
Jasmine Dapekoe is mainly produced in Fujian. Its cords are even and oily in color; the bottom of the leaves is soft and bright yellow;
Herbal Tea Story
Jasmine is cool in nature and hot inside, so patients with constipation, insomnia, and neurasthenia should drink it carefully.

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