Premium Lemon Lavender Tea

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Premium Lemon Lavender Tea: Diuretic Detox, Uplifting
Material: 2 slices of lemon (dry or fresh).
3 grams of lavender.
Brewing method: Put lemon slices and lavender into a cup, pour boiling water, cover and simmer for about 3 minutes before drinking.


Premium Lemon Lavender Tea Efficacy: Lavender has the effect of eliminating fatigue and refreshing the mind. Its elegant aroma can also relax the body and mind and improve sleep; lemon can promote blood circulation, diuretic detoxification, relieve headaches, and the refreshing aroma also has a soothing effect. This tea is refreshing and has weight loss effects.
It is suitable for people with cold stomach and nervousness. Pregnant women and patients with hypotension should not drink.
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I don’t like people who drink too sour. You can add rock sugar or white sugar to this tea.

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