Premium Lemongrass Rose Tea

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Premium Lemongrass Rose Tea: reduces fat accumulation

Ingredients: 5 pieces for roses, 3g for lemongrass, 1 slice for stevia

Stewing methods: Put all the ingredients above into the cup with boil water, serve after 5 minutes’ stewing with lip covered.

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Premium Lemongrass Rose Tea efficacy: Rose has the effect of relieving depression, moistening bowel and defecating, lemon grass can remove flatulence and help digestion, both of which can promote digestion, defecation and reduce abdominal fat accumulation.

Warm Tips:

  1. It is suitable to drink for people with liver and qi stagnation, dry stool, gastrointestinal flatulence.
  2. It is not suitable to drink for the prone to diarrhea person.

Lecture hall of herbal tea:

Add lemon grass decoction to your daily cleansing or hair wash to improve blood circulation and regulate oil production. Lemongrass has a strong lemon aroma, and the hotter the climate, the stronger the aroma, bringing a refreshing touch to the hot season. This kind of aroma gives a person comfortable feeling while, still be in clean person’s intestines and stomach, can avoid intestines and stomach to absorb toxin.



Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. Yummy for tea making

    I use them to make tea and it’s delicious.

  2. Love it

    Smell and taste are awesome

  3. Wonderful

    Such an excellent product. The aroma is wonderful and is great to use as tea.

  4. Great quality

    A one pound bag was much bigger than I expected. I bought it to make goats milk soap for baby shower party favors and had enough left over that I added some essential oil and made sachets as well. They were a huge hit!

  5. very nice iced tea

    In the summer I like to brew a fruity iced tea and based on reviews thought this would be a good blend for the task. It is fruity but not sweet and definitely refreshing. It is also beautiful to look at with an aroma that I actually find more intoxicating than the tea — a very pleasant brewing experience. The price point is a little high for the quantity, although the ingredients appear to be of high quality (my bag appeared exactly as shown). You can absolutely only use the leaves once and do need to let them steep for a bit to get a tea strong enough to hold up to the addition of ice cubes — and I even used a bit more tea than was recommended per serving. There is no one flavor that really stands out. The tea brews to a bright red and maybe for that reason I want to compare it to a sort of watered down fruit punch. Would be very nice served with fresh mint leaves.

  6. good quality

    These buds open into larger flowers than I’ve bought before. Also more potent

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