Rosemary Mint Tea

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Rosemary Mint Tea: Refreshing and refreshing, relieving fatigue
Materials: 3 grams each of dried rosemary and mint leaves.
Brewing method: Put rosemary and mint leaves together in a cup, and pour into boiling water. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes before drinking.


Rosemary Mint Tea Efficacy: Rosemary can promote blood circulation. Its smell is cool and sweet with camphor, and it is slightly stimulating. It can improve and strengthen memory, make people concentrate and clear their minds. Serve with a refreshing mint. The refreshing effect of scented tea is stronger.
It is suitable for dizziness, tension headache and sub-healthy people.
Hypertension patients should drink.
Herbal Tea Lecture Hall
Because rosemary leaves have a hard texture. So: the soaking time should be slightly longer.

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