Super Hard Cnidium Tea

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Cnidium. It is the dry and ripe fruit of Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cuss., a Umbelliferae plant. Distributed in East China, Central South, Southwest, Northwest, North China, Northeast and other places. It has the effects of drying dampness and expelling wind, killing parasites and relieving itching, warming kidney and strengthening yang. Commonly used for vulva pruritus, eczema pruritus, damp arthralgia lumbago, kidney deficiency impotence, uterine cold infertility.


Super Hard Cnidium Tea for males

Super Hard Male Enhancement tea can be used a therapy for impotence, early ejaculation, lack of ability to attain erection, low libido and getting rid of the most popular problems in aging men – including fatigue, difficulty in remembering things, immune deficiency and poor digestion. Cnidium Tea Male Enhancement can remove early ejaculation and active kidney function while increasing secretion of testicle cells.

Super Hard Cnidium Tea is really for male enhancer,keeps your pet testosterone active material of biological activities.

These elements in Cnidium Tea can directly enter your penis sponge for expansion bloodstream ships, marketing bloodstream flow,

rapidly enhancing the information of human bloodstream testosterone, and making your penis thicker,

harder,and much more effective.

Simultaneously, Cnidium Tea can stimulate cell regeneration embolden terrorists, could make testosterone within the physiological sleep condition awake, further boost the tissue growth, and promote the rapid growth of your penis function.


  • 1.Super Hard Cnidium Tea is relevant to men with difficulty of your penis, short penis from the middle and old, hypogenesis from the genital area, genital stunted person,weakness from the kidney, penis of ancient alrophy, the sexual appetite decrease, prostatitis.
  • 2.Super Hard Male Enhancement tea can also be crucial in prolonging time of sexual activity, dealing with indurable erection.
  • 3.Cnidium Tea Libido Energy Pills is appropriate for anyone with prostatitis, hypertension, cardiopathy, and alcohol doesn’t hinder its therapeutic effect.

[Components] Cnidium

[Package] 6 bags

[Storage] retain in a awesome and dry place, from light.

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