Wolfberry Chrysanthemum Tea

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wolfberry chrysanthemum tea: refreshing, relieve fatigue
Materials: 10 grams of wolfberry, 8 chrysanthemums.
Brewing method: Put wolfberry, chrysanthemum and an appropriate amount of boiling water in the cup at the same time, cover and simmer for 3 minutes before drinking.


wolfberry chrysanthemum tea Efficacy: stimulate physical vitality, anti-fatigue, refreshment and relief.
Those who are not in good spirits, and those who are drowsy and incapacitated should drink it.
People with a cold, fever or inflammation should not drink it.

Herbal Tea Lecture Hall
Chrysanthemum enters the Liver Meridian and is a commonly used medicine for treating wind-heat in the head. Among them, white chrysanthemum focuses on clearing the liver and improving eyesight, and yellow chrysanthemum focuses on dispersing wind-heat.
Herbal Tea Story
The wolfberry that has the smell of wine has deteriorated and is not suitable for drinking.

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