Wolfberry Smoked Plum Rose Tea

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Wolfberry Smoked Plum Rose Tea: strengthens the spleen, tonifies the kidneys, calms the liver and brightens the eyes

Ingredients: 5 roses, 10 wolfberry, 3 chrysanthemums, 3 Smoked Plum

How to brew: Rinse the roses, wolfberries, chrysanthemums and plums and put them in a cup together. Brew with an appropriate amount of boiling water and cover with a lid for about 5 minutes to drink.

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Effects of the Wolfberry Smoked Plum Rose Tea: It is a thirst quencher and strengthens the stomach and spleen.

Warm Tips
Suitable for people with wind-heat colds, fever and headache.
Not suitable for people with cough and phlegm.

Herbal Tea Talk
Rose has the properties of strengthening the liver and nourishing the stomach, invigorating the blood, regulating menstruation, moistening the bowels, relieving depression and calming the mind;

wolfberry has the properties of tonifying the kidneys, benefiting the essence, nourishing the liver and brightening the eyes;

Smoked Plum can quench thirst and promote the production of body fluid, and chrysanthemum can calm the liver and brighten the eyes, clear heat and detoxify the body.

Herbal Tea Story
smoked plum + Schisandra can lower blood pressure and blood sugar.


Canister Makes Approx. 25 cups

  1. happy

    Roses looked very fresh and are perfect for when I make bath salts. They smell really good too!!

  2. product

    Yes, I loved him so much…. It is used to decorate food and sweets

  3. Great product

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product. And love that it is made in the USA! I bought this bag of dried roses to use on top my soaps, but after reading the great benefits of rose tea I’m going to include a cup rose tea in my morning routine. ­čî╣

  4. Intoxicatingly fragrant tea!

    Every time I drink this at work, everyone comes to see what it is. I often just open up the package and smell! The taste is wonderful and emotionally healing. This one I order over and over. Please never stop selling this one! High quality loose leaf tea! One of my favorite companies.

  5. Good quality

    Best chrysanthemums buds you can get from Amazon. They make very beautiful green-yellowish tea.

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