YongGang Damiana Tea

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Damiana, scientific name: Turnera diffusa, Turnera aphrodisiaca, also known as Turner, Turner, is a shrub, it belongs to the passionflower family, native to southern Texas, Central America Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.
It is a relatively small shrub-like plant with small, fragrant flowers. It blooms in early to summer, and produces fruit that tastes like figs. Due to the presence of volatile essential oils in the plant, it has a strong and fragrant spice smell similar to chamomile.


YongGang Damiana Tea Male Enhancement Food Supplement

What type of condition can make penis hard? Because the research for decade, the expert found 3 primary points that can make penis hard! The bloodstream ships are healthy and “elastic,” his heart and brain are functioning well neural connections are firing and nitric oxide supplement has been launched in great abundance through the body Testosterone levels are common and weight is controlled, Men will have a way to coach most effectively-possess a healthy, trim body-and the hardons are rock solid.


marketing bloodstream ships on penis

make penis harder and bigger

Improve your testosterone production

Improves your sexual motivation

[Targeted Group]

1. Short and small penis, soft erection, unhealthy development of male reproductive organ, weak kidney.

2. Feel weak and don’t have sufficient energy to possess sexual intercourse for many occasions!

3. Insufficient sex desire and insufficient orgasm throughout the sexual intercourse!

[Specs] 6 bags

[Storage] Sealed and include a awesome and dry place


YongGang Damiana Tea is really a natural Chinese tea. It consists of all Chinese herbs. It’s effective to create penis harder, and cure rapid ejaculation. Additionally, it has special impact on fatigue resistance. The one that is weak on sexual intercourse may take Yonggang everyday for daily use!

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